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The Art Critic

Photo From A Work of Art Television Show

What do you think of people looking at your work? One of the biggest hurdles for an artist is overcoming the fear of having people look at their work. The first time I got to hear what someone thought about my art was during a class critique. A critique as an evaluation of a work of art. It's purpose is to analyze it for it's qualities and intended purpose. Basically, it explores what is the work conveying, how is it being conveyed, and was the artist successful at conveying it. At the end of a project our professor would hang up our work and facilitate a group critique.Each student would present their ideas and the class would give feedback.

Hearing feedback can take a bit of patience.Your idea might not come across as well as you intended or they might notice the little spot you rushed on because you wanted to finish before the paint dried. On the other hand, receiving feedback can also be helpful. Another perspective can give you more insight to something you are doing well or what you can improve.

But what if you're the Critic?

I've always heard the phrase you are your worst critic. If negative thoughts are constantly running through your mind, it's worth paying attention and supplementing with positive . You hear your thoughts 100% of time. You are the one creating the art. You are the one holding the brush, pencil, or performing. At that moment your thoughts can guide you forward or hinder you.

Here are some of my Critic's favorite lines

Will people really want to buy this?

What if I change my style abruptly?

I don't have a lot of art pieces

I haven't been in that many shows

I don't paint as often as other artists

Do I take this serious enough

I'm not set up the way I want to be to put myself out there

What if I clam up when talking about my art........I'll stop here (just wanted to give you an idea)

A better question is what if you are your most helpful critic?

I started to understand that my desire to create art wasn't going anywhere. So, I decided to face my doubts with the attitude of acknowledgement that they're there, while making intentional steps to move beyond them. A helpful tip someone gave me was to find as many positive, inspiring, and motivational sources to focus on as possible.

Here are some thoughts ( quotes, encouragement from others,etc) that really helped me to get past doubts)

" You were given specific vision. It doesn't matter what other artists are at because they don't have your vision" My Manager

" I got the Juice" - Chance the Rapper

" I always plan my painting to be one thing. As I paint, it becomes something else. Don't worry about what it should be, just let it become" - Artist I met at Faie's Gallery

" Start where you are" - Chris Gardner

"If you did not accomplish what you wanted to with a painting, continue it on the next one" Lee Bay

"What makes your art special is that its coming from you. One hundred people could draw a tree, but only you can draw it from your experience. Who you are, where your from, where your going, what you see" - An artist I met a gallery in pilsen

" Focusing on finishing a piece. With each finished painting and completed project, your confidence will grow more and more" - Gnee

" Stand by your work and believe in it" - Bernard Williams


Watch the video and let me know if it inspires you?



"If God has called you to something, He will equip you to be what He has called you to be." -Lecrae

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